Excursions from Fez

-Excursion from Fez to Meknes:

Meknes is a city that will surprise you, come and discover it and get to know its culture very closely!

We will leave the hotel around 8.30 am. We will travel to Meknes, the first Islamic city of Morocco and the second imperial city. Its medina is very old since it was a capital of the Kingdom and had a powerful leader, we will discover the most important monuments of this city, such as the Palais Dar El Makhzen, the Bab Mansour, the Bab El Berdaine, Bab El Khémis, the mosque of Sidi Saïd, Lahboul Garden and Royal Golf.

You can experience the food of the locals to live more closely the Moroccan way of life.

Already back to the car, your next stop will be Volubilis, the best preserved Roman ruins in all of Africa. You can learn about the historic city, the ruins of the Arch of Caracalla, the Basilica and the Capitoline Temple.

We will end with a stop very close to Volubilis, the city Moulay Idriss. The same, located at 550 meters altitude, has beautiful white houses similar to the Andalusian villages. Its Mausoleum is only suitable for faithful Muslims, but we can also admire its magnificence from the outer halls.

After the afternoon we will arrive at the hotel.

– Excursion from Fez to Chefchaouen:

We will pick you up at 8.30 am. at your hotel and we will start our trip to the Blue city of Morocco, “Chefchaouen”, located to the northwest. Chechaouen is nestled at the foot of the Rif mountains where the name of Chaouen “horns” has been adopted due to the shape of the top of the mountains; It was founded in 1471 as a small fortress by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa, a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

Chefchaouen fell under Spanish occupation and was emancipated in 1956, being known as the “blue city” for its traditional buildings. Enjoy a walk to explore the white and blue walls of the medina and the markets that offer some unique native crafts. There is also a ruined mosque built by the Spaniards, with stairs in the tower. During the trip back to Fes, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Rif Mountains.

This excursion is a beautiful opportunity to walk through narrow streets surrounded by houses with blue dyes that combine with the sky and discover places of interest, culture, tradition and Moroccan way of life.

You can visit immense monuments such as Uta el-Hammam Square, surrounded by various cafés and restaurants, stroll through a Kasbah built in the 18th century, a restored walled fortress that now contains a beautiful garden or see also the Great Mosque built in the 15th century , by the son of the city founder, Ali Ben Rachi.

Late in the afternoon we will arrive at our hotel / Riad in Fez.

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